Victoria Fantasy Transit Map

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April 23, 2017

Victoria Transit Map

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Below are two renderings of a potential transit system for Victoria, British Columbia. It features two transit lines and uses both subways and light rail.

Victoria Transit Map Minimalist Style

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Victoria Transit Map

Victoria Transit Map With Satellite Background

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Victoria Transit Map

5 thoughts on “Victoria Fantasy Transit Map”

  1. Derek Lecky says:

    What about Langford??? Like just add two or three more stops after craigflower!

  2. Adam says:

    Subway seems a bit extended for a city like Victoria, but electric trams for those routes would be a great alternative. In Hong Kong they have double-decker trams to manage capacity.

    1. Leroy Von Brannigan says:

      I’m thinking Victoria won’t have capacity issues like HK.

  3. Scott J says:

    I like Derek Lecky’s suggestion to add Langford.

    It should at least to go as far as Colwood (I bet the Casino would finance that leg of the track on its own!) and I imagine it wouldn’t be hard to convince Langford city council to get behind adding a leg from Colwood up to the McCallum commercial sprawl.

  4. Reagan Scott says:

    And I love the minimalism. I wasn t trying to bash your work, I love seeing these transit maps. Keep em coming.

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