Kevin Gibson December 30, 2016

Historians have always categorized historical events using chronological blocks with the purpose of understanding history and being able to easily communicate historical concepts. These blocks, known as historical eras, allow easy references for people to refer to a generic time period. Historians go about this by grouping time periods based on technological, political, religious and […]

Kevin Gibson December 14, 2016

Celsius or Fahrenheit? Which is the superior system? Celsius. The reason Celsius is the superior system is quite simple. When people argue about which system is superior they usually make it much more complicated than it needs to be. There are two arguments that constitute Celsius’ dominance over Fahrenheit. They are: 1. Celsius is used […]

Kevin Gibson October 17, 2016

I’m assuming you’ve figured it out already but just in case you haven’t: Colonialism is dead. It seems surprising but many people haven’t realized this. They make suggestions and proposals that make sense in the colonial age but not in the modern age. Now, there isn’t an exact cut-off date creating a border between the […]

Kevin Gibson October 13, 2016

Canada has the fourth largest amount of land in the world behind the USA, China, and Russia (This excludes water), however we only use a small portion of it. This is unsurprising as Canada has a harsh climate. The more north the harsher the climate. That said, other countries have managed to colonize similar climates. […]

Kevin Gibson October 12, 2016

Postnationalism, briefly, is a rise in globalism and a fall in nationalism. That is, the reduction in power and recognition of national states and culture as well as an increase in the power and recognition of supranational and/or global entities. Examples of supranational entities are the European Union, NAFTA, and NATO. The primary example of […]

Kevin Gibson October 11, 2016

Moosonee is a small town located on the Moose River just off the coast of James Bay. Included below is a map of its location. It was settled around 1900 CE as a fur trading post for the French company Révillon Frères. It sat across the river from the much older Moose Factory. Although prosperous […]