North American Confederation Map

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This is a map that imagines a unified Canada and United States structured as a collection of states unified in a confederation. A confederation is a much looser structure than a federation and thus the end result would resemble something in between the federal government of the US and the government of the EU. The government of the confederation would be tasked with managing military, trade, immigration, currency, interstate infrastructure, and passing universal laws guaranteeing certain rights.

The states in this scenario are are generally larger in population than the current provinces and states of Canada and the US. And they would bear a greater resemblance to a classical political state than the US states. They would have full jurisdiction over everything not explicitly granted to the confederation government and thus they would be tasked with most state responsibilities. These new states would be more similar to an actual country than a member of a federation such as the current provinces and states of Canada and the US.

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North American Confederation

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