Victoria Regional Transit Map (New Contributor)

Hi, my name is William Gibson, a transit enthusiast living in Toronto. This is my somewhat different vision for Victoria’s future transit direction. What I’ve done is try to imagine the next logical steps after a light rail connection to Langford; the possibility of linking Saanich, and creating a crosstown line running through Esquimault through…

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Victoria Fantasy Transit Map

Below are two renderings of a potential transit system for Victoria, British Columbia. It features two transit lines and uses both subways and light rail. Victoria Transit Map Minimalist Style Full Size Image Victoria Transit Map With Satellite Background Full Size Image

Historical Eras

Historians have always categorized historical events using chronological blocks with the purpose of understanding history and being able to easily communicate historical concepts. These blocks, known as historical eras, allow easy references for people to refer to a generic time period. Historians go about this by grouping time periods based on technological, political, religious and…

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